1920: James Bond is born

Born on November 11, 1920. James Bond is born to Monique Delacroix Bond (Mother) and Andrew Bond (Father). Many people debate the birthplace. However, it is likely that he qas either born in Wattenscheid, Germany or Scotland.

1941: Bond starts working for MI6

There isn't a precise answer to when Bond started his career at MI6. However, what we do know is that he joined the agency after WWII ended. Then, some people say he might have joined around 1941.

1950: Bond gets his first confirmed kill

There isn't much information about James Bond's first kill to receive 00 status. However, we do know his target was a Japanese Cipher man named Kishida. He shot Kishida in the throat from 50 yards away with a rifle.

1950: Bond gets his second confirmed kill

James Bond kills his second target, Rolf Larsen, in Stockholm, Sweden. Bond snuck into Larsen's home while he was asleep and then stabbed him in the throat with a knife.

1950: Bond gains 00 status

In Anthony Horowitz's prequel to Casino Royale, Forever and a Day, James Bond gains 00 status in 1950 after killing his first 2 victims.